Tuff Luck

Life’s Tuff.  at least this summer sure has been. The endless apps, scarce  interviews, & non-existent call backs have more than drained my strength, resolve, & will to keep on keepin’ on.  However, today I ran across job opportunity that few would find exciting, but intrigued me very much.  That’s right……..

tuff shed logoTuff shed, baby.  Now, not everyone might seem so thrilled about blogging about tuff sheds.   I mean, what’s so special?  But me, I’m a strange fellow. Let me explain…

For some reason I have always wanted a tuff shed.  Seriously, since I was a wee lad my father would always take me to the hardware store and I  was insistent that I could look inside of the tuff sheds. They seemed like the perfect little playhouse for a guy my size.  I think it all harps back to my favorite video game when I was growing up – no,

Getting rid of that pesky stump

this game had no guns, no lightsabers, no battle axes grinding into the enemy.  Rather, it was a farm simulator. that’s  right. Farm. Simulator.

(I told you I’m a strange fellow)  The name of the game was Harvest Moon, and literally all you did was water plants, pull weeds, crush rocks, harvest, and of course raise a variety of livestock.  Most kids wouldn’t take to this mundane type of game, would they?  Well, I for one loved it with all my heart.  And of course in this game you had a tool shed, and one of the best parts was the joy of filling it with upgraded hoes, axes, milkers, brushes and other farm equipment ( I believe the biggest achievements you could gain were the Cheese and Mayonnaise machine.)


Now, what is this little digression down memory lane all about? it’s about imagination.  When I was young I imaged my farm to be a real place somewhere, and the virtual toolshed was a Tuff shed in my mind.  The  thing about Tuffshed that is really useful is just how damn versatile the things are.   Sure, one thinks that you’d just store your tools or equipment in one.  Pretty simple, basic application.  But that’s just scratching the surface.

I have found one of the most unique uses for these little sheds has been to help give people housing. It’s no secret that the economy is in a a ravished state- I may be complaining that I have yet to find meaningful employment, but I am a lucky one.  I have my parents supporting me and doors are still open.  But for many times are much, much more meager.  Many in California and other states are finding themselves living in tent cities, or Hoovertowns as they were called in the 1st Great Depression (notice how i said ‘1st’.)  However, others have utilized Tuff sheds to improve their situation and put something a bit more robust between them and the elements.

not a bad little pad.

there are several resources available to see how people are making the best and using T.S to their advantage.   In fact, Tuff shed could easily use this hard economic time to promote themselves in terms of helping those whose fortunes have fallen on tough times.   there are several resources available to those who are looking to change their situation:



Tuff shed has the potential to be a lifesaver for many, many people & I find the solution to not only be unique, but philanthropic as well.


The Biggest Disappointment

Here I am. in a coffee shop at 3 in the afternoon blogging. My degree is gathering dust in my bedroom- I haven’t even bothered to put it in its frame yet.  You know why?

IT hasn’t earned that frame.   I literally am sitting here and entered an image search for ‘useless degree’ and guess what what on the very first page??


Jesus Christ. This is where I went to school.

That’s the CU School of Journalism.  I recognized it immediately.  As my grandfather used to say….. HOLY MOSES.

Now I need to find some more restaurants and other menial service jobs to attempt to scrape some dough.  I gotta make money now or I’m going to end up haulin a grocery cart around this great nation.

the Road

College ain't what it used to be.

Time to do an update folks.  This summer has been up, down, all around.  As May began I trodded into the real world, degree in  my sweaty, bloody palms and debt exhausting its hot breath down my neck like a rabid chimp. It’s funny how much the real world looked like my mom’s basement.  Alas,  I have become a statistic… a proud member of the Millennials, quickly becoming the “most educated and least employed generation.”  More like the Mcllenials.  Sounds like I really hit the gravy train on the job market.

Some depressing stats

I think I am in that 9% column.

So, I’ve been applying.  My resume is getting plastered among the internet – Ad agencies, restaurants, dry cleaners ahoy!    Until today, the skies in my financial world have seemed quite bleak.  All I have been able to do make money is the traditional standby.  Ref Sports.  And lots of them.  I love soccer, I really do.  But If I don’t get out of that and into a real job…. I’ll end up looking like this fellow before too long.

soccer, ref, pierluigi collina

You've been a bad player. Very bad.

But today things have taken a swing for the better!  I have landed an interview over with the fine folks at PureBrand http://www.pure-brand.com/  May the force be with my on this one.  So, let the blogs fly.  Let the words boil and bubble in the cauldron of my mind & turn into the Bitch’s Brew that Pure Brand is looking for.

In other news. . .

What the fack happened to Ded Bob?

Maybe he really IS dead.

I was down at the Renaissance festival and was totally hyping up his show to the girl I took.  Unfortunately there was not a bone to be found of the lewd muppet, and there was much despair in his absence.  I will truly miss you, Bob. Even though your show was the  same exact thing every goddamn year.

And with that, I am out.


I’m Back, Jack

Hey y’all.  (You all.)

Time to revamp this here ole’ blog.   I used it for a college course last fall but it’s been sitting here gathering cyberdust.

Ill leave up some of the old posts but start posting new ones as I scour the internets in search of adventure, work, & plunder.

Happy sailing.

we want you, we want you in the kangaroo crew


Avatars and all that jazz

Nerd Alert

Sitting down to type this entry made me realize how many avatars I’ve actually made over my years of surfing the interwebs.  Often,  they were a favorite videogame or film character.  ( I remember how badass AOL messenger was when you could get a Neo avatar, complete with matrix code falling behind it.)  I have never really thought just how much an avatar can represent the user behind it –    Or just the opposite.   The avatar is nothing but a digital fantasy of sorts played out for us.  I could be represented by a picture of a cute kitten.  Or a blood thirsty space pirate.  Or a saucy pinup girl.  .  I could literally represent myself in any fashion, easily misleading other users to my real identity.   The avatar is a very interesting little phenomenon on the internet just for the fact that in a tiny little window, just a space of pixels on a screen, we can choose to represent our self in an almost fantasy like plane of existence —- because with just the touch of a button we have the power to completely alter the  representation of ourselves.

a funny little tf2 avatar

Take a look at this avatar I found just by cruising a fan forum for Team Fortress Two, an online game I frequently partake in .  (This won’t be the last you hear of TF2, trust me).  The avatar has several layers of meaning to it.  For those who are not familiar with the flow of TF2 – It’s a very simple game:  You are either on team RED or team BLU, and you pick a character out of 9 separate classes (snipers, soldiers, pyros, spies, etc)   then you pretty much slug away at the other team until your eyes bleed.   This avatar is sort of an inside joke in a way –   it references the sniper’s very unique character and his ‘introduction video’ from youtube    if you care to see it. 

And at the same time it jokingly references the concept of ‘Auction sniping’  –

the process of watching a timed online auction (such as on eBay), and placing a winning bid at the last possible moment (often seconds before the end of the auction), giving the other bidders no time to outbid the sniper. Some bidders do this manually, and others use software designed for the purpose. A bid sniper is a person or software agent who performs auction sniping.

There are also online sniping services, where the software agent is run from a website rather than the sniper’s own computer. This decreases the failure rate of the snipe, because the website is expected to have more reliable servers that might be quicker to react.’ (Wikipedia)   This element of the avatar is also combined with a parody of the common inspirational posters that we used to see in dentist’s offices and school classrooms.  You remember, like this?

how motivational

The concept of the ‘ demotivational’ poster is a common internet meme, and is thrown into the mix of the joke that is contained within the Tf2 avatar.   This avatar’s humor is something I commonly see throughout the web-   endless culture mashed jokes are created: seemingly random, unrelated materials often are combined to make witty or humorous avatars for the (often mild) amusement of others.  Thus, our concept of ‘self image’ can be constantly thrashed and churned about as more and more elements from the net are drawn together to help us ‘represent’ ourselves visually- whether that be through a digital enhancement of ourselves or by means of humor within differing communities throughout the digital landscape.


My own blog! Fancy. This should be an interesting class no doubt. I am very curious to see how the course will affect the outlook I’ve had upon the digital world. I want to be able to sit back and think more critically of the screens I sit in front of hours a day.